n-the-job training

Neksa College was established in 1965 as a practical electronics training centre. Some years later the Refrigeration department was added, followed by a television repair department in 1975 when TV came to South Africa.

Neksatec always endeavour to stay at the forefront of technological developments and introduced a micro controller course in the early 80's when computer control started gaining momentum in industry.

During that time the college was situated on the corner of Troy and Market streets in Johannesburg, until 1999 when it relocated to Florida on the West Rand, mainly due to security concerns at the time.

At the start of the new millennium the electronics department was expanded with the addition of new Industrial Electronics courses to cover the practical component of the syllabi of both the FET Colleges (now TVET Colleges) as well as the Technikons (now Universities of Technology).

From 2010 Neksatec branched out into the electrical training field, offering both theoretical and practical training for apprentices toward the trade test as well as artisans studying for the 'Wireman's License'.

Today Neksatec has programs covering the requirements for the Electronics (Light Current) P1 and P2 practical modules for all the Universities in our area towards the N-Diploma, as well as trade test preparation modules for the Electrical Trade Tests leading to registration with the Department of Labour, commonly known as the Wireman's License.

For over 50 years the NEKSATEC Training principles have stayed the same: First familiarize the student with the practical aspects, then supply all the theory that supports the subject. This makes learning the theory so much easier, and opens up training possibilities for a wide range of educational backgrounds.